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Life Story

Welcome! I hope that as you learn more about me, I will also get the chance to learn more about you.
Find me on social media or send me an email, I can’t wait to get to know you!


  • My ability to connect with others has provided so many fulfilling opportunities throughout my life. I believe life’s most valuable lessons are learned by simply being present and interacting with those around you. An open mind and desire to gain experience and understanding are two of life’s greatest tools.

    I am a Utah native but my heart’s roots are spread across the globe and I am constantly being pulled back to cultures, people, locations and memories. All of which are a huge part of who I am.


  • al·be·do ⁄al-bay-doen. ⌊Latin⌋ The ratio
    of light that is reflected to that received.

    There is so much to be learned from every person you interact with. Recognizing this allows us to flourish in our everyday lives because as you learn and grow you will naturally reflect that light to those around you. My clients help me grow in so many ways. It's your love and support that keeps me going. I promise to always return that service (and more) back to you!


  • Although I prefer to be travelling, I do have a home base. Currently, that home base is:

    Modest Little Apt ; )
    Orem, Utah 84058

    If you are ever nearby, lets get together. Meeting new people is a big part of my philosophy so don't be shy!